How to Get a Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan

Why You need Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan?

Getting a Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan seems to be impossible for most of the online marketers because most of the Pakistani banks do not support it and online marketers rely on getting online help.They try calling different people but their is so much frauds that they vanished after you pay them money.
Pakistani internet marketers want to make money online and most of the online websites pay them earning through Paypal which is unfortunately not available in Pakistan.Although we can still get the Paypal account in Pakistan by using different tricks but after all it is not safe for big money due to the fact that it may be limited after some time.I personally use Paypal account and verify it by using Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Virtual Credit Card is a Legitimate Solution for Pakistani Internet Marketers

Virtual Credit Card is the good solution for all your online payment problems because it can be reloaded and it can be cashed out in Pakistan.Virtual credit card is used to verify paypal, payza,odesk,amazon and many other sites.You can even use VCC to get the trial of many software's or online programs.These VCC may also be used with Facebook and Ad words to run advertising campaign.
Get VCC for Verification

How to Get Free VCC in Pakistan

If you want to get free VCC in Pakistan then go to Bancore  and sign up by using your land line or mobile number.You will get a verification call and will be asked to enter 4 digit pin number.After entering pin number you will get instantly zero balance VCC. This VCC can be used anywhere to get the trial but you can't purchase anything or verify Paypal because it comes with zero balance.You can add balance but in Pakistan it is difficult to reload it because getting vouchers is a long task.
The second solution is to avail entropay virtual card which need to be signup with your bank account and credit card.This site is free to join.Once your account is verified then you can create as many VCC as you want by becoming a premium account upgrade.

Try the above methods to get VCC in Pakistan.If you have any trouble in getting your own free VCC then we also deals in ALL in ONE Virtual Credit Card which can solve all your problems.

Buy virtual credit cards (VCC) in Pakistan for online purchase Vcc. You can get paypal, Facebook , adwords, adcenter vcc for account verifications.
You can use it for verification of Ebay, Amazon,Google Adwords etc.
If you just want to get VCC then it will be of 500 Rupees only. I will give you VCC number date of expiry,Your name and all other details.
I can give you Credit Card of any balance you want.
Contact us at 03125334949
Skype: tariqmehmoodkhan786

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